While we celebrate the heroes in our NHS at this time, don’t forget the #HiddenHeroes working on in prisons, IRCs, probation and youth justice services.

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I’d like to thank all Belmarsh officers, governors for standing by us, keeping us going. I’d like to really thank you from all the prisoners in Belmarsh, people don’t do it enough but thank you, and God be with you.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Belmarsh

International nurses day

On International Nurses Day:

The nurses in our prisons go above and beyond… Thank you for all you do… – Jo Farrar, HMPPS CEO

Our thanks to our fantastic nurses & other healthcare professionals. You are all superstars! – HMP Bullingdon

A huge thank you to all the nurses who are part of the team here – HMP Pentonville

Big shout out to all the nurses working tirelessly through these difficult times – HMP Garth

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#HiddenHeroes message of support from Justin Russell, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Probation

A massive thanks to all the frontline staff in the probation service and working in local Youth Offending Teams who are working so hard at the moment in very difficult circumstances to check in on the welfare of the many thousands of people you supervise. We salute you!
From: Justin Russell, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Probation

Brixton prisoner

A poem by one of the men at HMP Brixton:
“Let’s give thanks to our officers
They feel the pressure too
But still they risk their own lives
To be here for me and you”
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From: Anon, HMP Brixton

Anonymous prisoner

This is to all you heroes out there working hard, trying to benefit all these people out here that need your help. Keep doing what you’re doing, I think it’s great. I think you’re amazing, god bless you all.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner

Ronnie Armour

I am honoured and humbled to lead the Northern Ireland Prison Service when I see the work Prison staff do in challenging and supporting those placed in our care to change their behaviours. Behind the walls and out of sight Prison Officers work with complex, demanding and often dangerous individuals in an effort to reduce the likelihood of them reoffending and make our community a safer. The professionalism, commitment and dedication of Prison Officers is demonstrated everyday as they keep on working with offenders when everyone else has given up. Prison Officers have always been hidden heroes, but never more so than now as in an unselfish and sacrificial way they face the unprecedented challenges of COVID19. We owe them an enormous debt of gratitude.
From: Ronnie Armour, Director General, NI Prison Service

Ian Blakeman, Pentonville

There have been numerous times in the last few weeks when I’ve been overcome with emotion and pride at the commitment staff at Pentonville have been making. The courage and selflessness has been astounding at a time when I know many must have been scared both for themselves and loved ones. What has made this more remarkable is the resilience shown in the face of losing much loved colleagues. I am so proud of you and know that if we can do this we can do anything.
From: Ian Blakeman, Governor, HMP Pentonville

New Hall

I am proud of our heroes. I am so proud and grateful for you all. Keep up the good work and stay safe. Thank you for what you do for the people. Take care.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP New Hall


I just wanna say thank you to all the staff who could be at home with their families now but instead they choose to come in and make sure we get our exercise and facilities, you’re doing a great job so thank you.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Bullingdon

Low Newton nurses

“To all the nurses, pharmacists, to you all,
You’s are amazing
Thank you for all your hard work
We appreciate all wot you’s are doing to protect us
You’s are our superheros”
From: C/D wings, Low Newton

Terry Waite video

“Working in a prison is not easy at the best of times but today the job is made even more difficult. Most people will never see the inside of a prison, but those who know the system recognise how difficult it can be. I would like you to know that your work – and of your colleagues in probation and youth justice – is appreciated.
You are not forgotten.”

From: Terry Waite CBE, Suffolk

The Mount

I’d ike to say thank you to all the NHS workers and all the prison staff. It is hard at times like this. My heart goes out to you all. If it wasn’t for you lot we wouldn’t survive. Thank you so much I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP The Mount


I’d just like to say thanks to all the staff and all the medical staff for coming in and looking after us. They’re coming in, they’ve got their own families, they don’t have to do it but they do. Thank you.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Pentonville


I wanna big shoutout on C wing, that’s where I am and a massive thanks to all the staff and all the nurses. You’re the best, thanks.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Durham


Big thank you to the NHS for helping the public and helping the prisoners. And thank you to the HMP Woodhill staff. Thank you for helping us through this time. It’s going to get better. Heads up chest out. Keep on going. Spread the love.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Woodhill

Peter Clarke

Even during the darkest days of the Covid-19 crisis, it was reassuring to know that so many dedicated and brave colleagues were working, often unseen and unheard, in vital areas of our justice, prison and probation services. Your contribution in supporting and reassuring service users, their friends and families and the wider public should not be forgotten, and indeed should be celebrated. Thank you – one and all.
From: Peter Clarke, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons

Forest Bank

I’d like to do a huge shout out to all the staff in all the prisons who are working their absolute socks off at the moment during this difficult time.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Forest Bank


I want to thanks all the prison staff and all the NHS staff for doing a brilliant job. Keep up the good work!
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Wormwood Scrubs

Dovegate prisoner

From a letter to the Governor of HMP Dovegate from one of the men: “A massive thank you to you all, with the height of respect to you all, we stand to attention and salute you”
From: Anon, HMP Dovegate

James Timpson

Thank you to all our prison and probation officers who are working so hard to help prisoners and their families at the moment. Their kindness and dedication is always appreciated, but never more so than now.
From: James Timpson (via Twitter)

Claire Hubb

Huge shout out to our prison officers, governors, chaplains and all workers in the prison system working to keep residents and the public safe. Thank you to all key workers πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΌ. Keep safe.
#justiceheroes #HiddenHeroes
From: @Claire_Hubb (via Twitter)

Notts x

Shoutout to everyone in HMP Nottingham, all the healthcare team and the staff during this lockdown – shoulder to shoulder
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Nottingham


Thank you to everyone working in the youth justice system for everything you’re doing to keep children and communities safe during this time #JusticeHeroes #HiddenHeroes
From: Youth Justice Board (on Twitter)

Helen-Paul Cato

We often take these services for granted, and don’t show our appreciation, so thank you for all that you do to keep us safe. Best wishes to you all x [on Facebook]
From: Helen-Paul Cato, Bucks