While we celebrate the heroes in our NHS at this time, don’t forget the #HiddenHeroes working on in prisons, IRCs, probation and youth justice services.

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Staff & colleagues

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Smithy, HMP HULL

To my colleagues and friends at the big house at HMP Hull. You perform miracles day in day out without complaint and do wonders keeping a decent safe regime. You never get the credit you fully deserve but everyone inside and outside those walls should know how great you are. Especially the Flagship!
From: Smithy, HMP HULL

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Rachel O, HMP Doncaster

Big shoutout to all the amazing staff at HMP Doncaster who have worked so hard during these challenging times + have gone way beyond what is expected in their daily role. Non-ops staff deserve seperate recognition for holding the fort + providing vital services to keep staff fed + watered in the VT!
From: Rachel O, HMP Doncaster

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Anon, HMP Moorland

Big shout out to all the staff doing a cracking job at keeping our prison’s safe during this difficult time. You’re all doing an amazing job and I’m proud of every single one of you! You’ve all shown resilience in the face of adversity and it just shows how much commitment we all share! Well done!!
From: Anon, HMP Moorland

#HiddenHeroes message of support from John Guiney, HMP WAYLAND

I wish to thank every one of our colleagues, not only the HMPPS, but the other valuable services across the UK. We all helped get through this and will continue to help each other get through this crisis and the next, all of us should give that extra clap to show us "it is the least we all deserve"
From: John Guiney, HMP Wayland

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Anonymous, NPS Wrexham

To my amazing colleagues in Wrexham and Flint you are doing an incredible job in difficult circumstances. You show your strength resilience and dedication everyday. You make difficult decisions, deal with challenging people, keep the public safe and help to change lives you’re awesome thank you
From: Anonymous, NPS Wrexham

Gail Hydon

I don’t have the words, to really convey the thanks owed to the prison, probation and youth service staff who are genuinely hidden heroes. I am proud and privileged to be part of this organisation and never more so than during these testing times. Thanks to you and your families for what and how you do what you do every day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
From: Gail Hydon, HMPPS

International nurses day

On International Nurses Day:

The nurses in our prisons go above and beyond… Thank you for all you do… – Jo Farrar, HMPPS CEO

Our thanks to our fantastic nurses & other healthcare professionals. You are all superstars! – HMP Bullingdon

A huge thank you to all the nurses who are part of the team here – HMP Pentonville

Big shout out to all the nurses working tirelessly through these difficult times – HMP Garth

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Joe Pattinson, Brinsford

Despite people’s own anxieties, the care and support I have witnessed has been truly inspirational. Compassion and humility have been in abundance. Brinsford’s community showing appreciation for key workers with rounds of applause and donations to local Health Trust shows what a truly fantastic group of people you are. To behave like this while living and working in such difficult times is a credit to you all.
From: Joe Pattinson, HoBA Brinsford

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Justin Russell, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Probation

A massive thanks to all the frontline staff in the probation service and working in local Youth Offending Teams who are working so hard at the moment in very difficult circumstances to check in on the welfare of the many thousands of people you supervise. We salute you!
From: Justin Russell, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Probation

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Ivy, HMP Ranby

It is without doubt that our staff do one of the most difficult jobs, with little reward and yet with minimal complaint. You stand with courage in the face of adversity most days and for that we applaud you. May you be proud of the work that you do, the person you are and the difference you make.
From: Ivy, HMP Ranby

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Neil Thomas, HMP Stocken

I have the honour to work for the staff of HMP Stocken. My team constantly amaze me, they demonstrate the very best that the public services of our country have to offer, courage, teamwork, compassion and determination. Brighter happier days are coming, Im proud of you all. #teamstocken #hiddenheroes
From: Neil Thomas, HMP Stocken

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Donna Meade, Cheshire & Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company

As Director of Operations I wanted to thank and profile all of our fabulous staff involved in the delivery of probation services across Cheshire & Greater Manchester . They are Hiddenheroes – whose hard work and dedication to do the right thing and make a difference is truly appreciated and valued!
From: Donna Meade, Cheshire & Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company

Ronnie Armour

I am honoured and humbled to lead the Northern Ireland Prison Service when I see the work Prison staff do in challenging and supporting those placed in our care to change their behaviours. Behind the walls and out of sight Prison Officers work with complex, demanding and often dangerous individuals in an effort to reduce the likelihood of them reoffending and make our community a safer. The professionalism, commitment and dedication of Prison Officers is demonstrated everyday as they keep on working with offenders when everyone else has given up. Prison Officers have always been hidden heroes, but never more so than now as in an unselfish and sacrificial way they face the unprecedented challenges of COVID19. We owe them an enormous debt of gratitude.
From: Ronnie Armour, Director General, NI Prison Service

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Sean Haley, Sodexo

We have many colleagues in Sodexo delivering essential services – these are our hidden heroes. Our people who work in prisons and probation support local communities by providing critical services and keeping people safe. I am proud of all of them and applaud them for continued support #SodexoProud
From: Sean Haley, Sodexo

Ian Blakeman, Pentonville

There have been numerous times in the last few weeks when I’ve been overcome with emotion and pride at the commitment staff at Pentonville have been making. The courage and selflessness has been astounding at a time when I know many must have been scared both for themselves and loved ones. What has made this more remarkable is the resilience shown in the face of losing much loved colleagues. I am so proud of you and know that if we can do this we can do anything.
From: Ian Blakeman, Governor, HMP Pentonville

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Garry Newnes, Governor HMP & YOI Hollesley Bay, Suffolk

My staff are outstanding at this difficult time, working extra hours including evenings and weekends to fit around childcare and managers living away from home to protect their families. The whole establishment is working together, I’ve never been prouder! No Governor can ask for more! #hiddenheroes
From: Garry Newnes, Governor HMP & YOI Hollesley Bay, Suffolk

John Samuels

I should like to pay my personal tribute to the super-dedicated HOLS who have distributed course materials under cell doors to those undertaking distance learning, in many cases for courses supplied by PET. The news of that flickering flame of learning being kept alive has been a genuine tonic. It makes me proud to be associated with such devoted people.
From: John Samuels, President PET

Phil Copple

Whether as a prison officer, a prison governor or a senior official, I have always been proud of what we stand for and proud to be a member of our Service. I have never been more proud than I am at this moment. When people look back, I hope how we responded helps to improve our prestige, and the regard in which you are all held. I will be immensely proud that everyone saw my staff and managers to be the brave and dedicated public servants you are, who in a moment of national crisis knew where their duty lay, and fulfilled that duty magnificently. Well done, and thank you for everything that you are doing.
From: Phil Copple, DG HMPS


Thank you to all our #JusticeHeroes who are keeping our Justice System running during the #coronavirus pandemic 👏🏽

Our prisons are filled with rainbows to show appreciation for the incredible critical workers who’re keeping us safe.

From: MoJ (via Twitter)


Cheryl Lamont CBE, CEO PBNI

I would like to pay tribute to probation staff working throughout Northern Ireland and within our neighbouring jurisdictions to deliver essential services. During these difficult times I have been immensely impressed by the resilience, dedication and professionalism they have shown. At this time more than ever, we must work together, share learning and innovation and continue to build safer communities for all. #Thank you to all the #hiddenheroes at this time.
From: Cheryl Lamont CBE, CEO PBNI

Caroline – Shannon Trust

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of our hidden heroes in the prison service. You do an absolutely amazing job in all areas of the prison and show so much supportive and kindness to the people in your care. A special thanks to my colleagues in the South and Wales- I hope to see you soon.
From: Caroline, Regional Manager, Shannon Trust

Russ Trent

I would like to thank our fantastic staff and their leaders. Their work is usually hidden from the general public so doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves. I have been so impressed with their dedication, courage, flexibility and adaptability. I would also like to recognise the professional way our staff unions have supported their members and helped make the workplace as safe as possible for all concerned.
From: Russ Trent, Prison Group Director HMPPS

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Duncan Craig OBE, Survivors Manchester / HMP Buckley Hall

I want to say a personal thanks to my Prison Officer and Healthcare colleagues for supporting me to continue to deliver our mental health service; and thanks to the lads on the wing for the practical tasks and respect carried out enabling me to see their peers and get the support they deserve.
From: Duncan Craig OBE, Survivors Manchester / HMP Buckley Hall

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Peter Holloway, CEO of Prison Fellowship England and Wales

On behalf of the whole of Prison Fellowship, I would like to offer my thanks and gratitude to prison and probation staff across the country, including dedicated prison chaplains. We see you and we honour you. God bless you, your families, and all those you care for, and keep you safe.
From: Peter Holloway, CEO of Prison Fellowship England and Wales

Peter Dawson

The greatest respect goes to all the hidden heroes who work, volunteer and live in prison, and find a capacity for kindness in the hardest of places. When this is over, may you never have to endure such conditions again. Peter Dawson, Prison Reform Trust.
From: Peter Dawson, Prison Reform Trust

Graham Beck

I feel privileged to work alongside some amazing people. Over the past few weeks I have seen many examples of the calm professionalism that gets us through the most difficult of times, and the reassurance of confident, courageous and patient people dealing with new and complex situations. No one could have foreseen the things that colleagues have been dealing with recently, but the resilience and innovation that is evident is inspirational.
From: Graham Beck, Governor HMP Wymott

Peter Clarke

Even during the darkest days of the Covid-19 crisis, it was reassuring to know that so many dedicated and brave colleagues were working, often unseen and unheard, in vital areas of our justice, prison and probation services. Your contribution in supporting and reassuring service users, their friends and families and the wider public should not be forgotten, and indeed should be celebrated. Thank you – one and all.
From: Peter Clarke, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons

Tim Allen

I am truly amazed and beyond proud of all our staff and partners working in our prisons at this difficult time. The compassion, determination and sheer hard work of staff is truly appreciated.
Working together we make a difference!
From: Tim Allen, Prison Group Director, HMPPS

Tony Oliver

I continue to be amazed, but not surprised, by the level of commitment, energy, resilience and cross-team cooperation shown by staff across the board. These are desperately difficult times like I’ve never experienced in my long career, and we don’t have the ‘perfect’ solution. What we do have, is a shared determination to deliver a safe and secure environment, with care and compassion. All HMPPS staff and our partner agencies are genuinely #HiddenHeroes and I’m proud of each and every one of them.
From: Tony Oliver, Governor, HMP Hull

Diane Caddle

A huge heartfelt thank you to all staff working tirelessly across prison and probation services to ensure continued support for those in our care during these exceptionally challenging times. I applaud the brilliant work you are doing!
From: Diane Caddle, Executive Director, HMPPS

Emily Tofield

I want to say a huge thank you to our colleagues right across the prison estate, youth justice and probation services. Their crucial work – not just at this difficult time but day in and day out – keeps the public safe and turns lives around. Too often they are the #HiddenHeroes in our justice system and my team is determined to tell their stories.
From: Emily Tofield, DIrector of Comms, MoJ

Chris Jennings

I have been truly amazed by the resilience, positive attitude and commitment shown by the staff in prisons, probation and HQ teams across HMPPS Wales. The support and compassion they have shown each other and the men in their care has been awe-inspiring and I am very proud to call them all colleagues. Quite simply, amazing. Diolch yn fawr iawn! Thank you very much!
From: Chris Jennings, Executive Director, HMPPS Wales

Jerry Petherick

My thoughts are with everyone working in all our prisons and custodial settings. A tough and demanding job in the best of times; the current challenges make your work and response even more impressive. Your work goes on largely unseen but you deserve all of our admiration and thanks. Thanks too to your families and friends who will be giving you much needed care and support. Well done all!
From: Jerry Petherick

PJ McParlin

Within a complex and demanding custodial workplace and in the midst of an unprecedented crisis your care and compassion has ensured that prisoners and the public remain safe and secure. Hidden heroes have become visible heroes. Thank you on behalf of us all.
From: PJ McParlin, former Officer and POA Chair

Heather Whitehead

I am hugely grateful and proud of colleagues across Prisons, Probation and YCS for all they are doing to protect the public and look after the most vulnerable members of our community – and of my team at Brinsford, who work tirelessly, selflessly and with humanity to deliver the best they can in such unprecedented times. Thank you so much; none of you are forgotten and your work continues to change lives, and I am sure save lives.
From: Heather Whitehead, Governor, HMPYOI Brinsford

Craig Lowe

Every day I see the staff working tirelessly to provide care, support and reassurance to our young people. They are truly #hiddenheroes. One minute a cleaner, the next a caterer, then a carer, a mediator, an entertainer and an educator… to name but a few… when times are challenging, we continue to deliver! Keep up the great work, and stay safe, I am extremely proud of you all.
From: Craig Lowe, Governor, HMYOI Wetherby

Wyn Jones

It’s at times like these, that we truly begin to understand the value of people. Particularly people that put themselves at risk for the greater good. If society ever doubted that working in prison is a vocation, then I’m sure that such thoughts have now been banished forever! Sadly we currently have several colleagues very poorly in hospitals, up and down the country, our prayers and thoughts are with them and their families.
From: Wyn Jones, Serco

Michelle Jarman-Howe

I am beyond proud of how staff in all of our prisons and in the community have responded to C19. Caring, determined and positive, continuing to make a difference to people’s lives even in these difficult times – HMPPS at its best.
From: Michelle Jarman-Howe, Exec. Director, Public Prisons South

Sarah Coccia

I am so proud of all our staff who work very much out of sight from the general public, but day in and day out deliver a professional service that protects the public and cares for the people we hold in custody. We certainly have many hidden heroes and I am humbled every day by the actions, teamwork, bravery, kindness and dedication that I witness. Thank you for all that you do. #hiddenheroes
From: Sarah Coccia, London Prisons Group Director

Phil Wheatley

Working both with prisoners and offenders in the community is always challenging in a way that is rarely understood by the wider public. The Coronavirus has created a whole new order of risk, particularly for staff working in prisons who cannot avoid some close contact with their prisoners and also with other prison staff. All the staff involved deserve greater public recognition and thanks for continuing to work in these difficult circumstances. Their determination to keep on working ensures the justice system continues to keep the public protected and that prisons are as safe as is possible.
From: Phil Wheatley, London

Haworth House

Big round of applause for all AP staff who are keeping the show on the road.
Grateful for all key workers during this pandemic.
From: Haworth House AP (via Twitter)

Tim Gurrey

Staff across HMPPS have risen to the challenge, utilising all the skills at their disposal, at this difficult time. They may sometimes be forgotten, but they are keyworkers and #HiddenHeroes.
From: Tim Gurrey, Ambassador for Prison Officers

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Aidy J, HMP Full Sutton

Very proud of staff within HMPPS doing so much to keep so many safe during this crisis. The work that staff are doing on a day to day basis, despite the risk to themselves and their families, is remarkable and a true testament to their commitment and professionalism. They are truly #HiddenHeroes
From: Aidy J, HMP Full Sutton

Louise Falshaw

The work that probation, youth and prison staff do in the public’s name and to its benefit often gets overlooked. It’s now more important than ever that we recognise these exceptional people in trying to keep us and others safe, especially during this difficult time. The messages on this website say it all. Let’s make sure they don’t get forgotten again.
From: Louise Falshaw, London

Claire Hubb

Huge shout out to our prison officers, governors, chaplains and all workers in the prison system working to keep residents and the public safe. Thank you to all key workers 👏🏽👏🏿👏🏼. Keep safe.
#justiceheroes #HiddenHeroes
From: @Claire_Hubb (via Twitter)

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Glen Garcia, london

As an ex officer I understand how difficult the job is at the best of times, so I can only say how proud I am of all my ex-colleagues working in this time of uncertainty. Prisons have always been the forgotten service and prison officers the forgotten heroes of the criminal justice system. Heroes.
From: Glen Garcia, london

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Alison Liebling, Prisons Research Centre, Cambridge

Many thoughts, warmest wishes, and thanks, to all of those on the front line who are coping with an unprecedented situation, full of risk. You are not forgotten. All of us who know prisons have some grasp of what you are dealing with. Like our NHS staff, you are saving and protecting lives. Heroic.
From: Alison Liebling, Prisons Research Centre, Cambridge

Lorraine Johnstone

“Your job is so tough even in the best of times. I can only imagine what it’s like now. Thank you for all that you do.” [via LinkedIn]
From: Lorraine Johnstone, Strathclyde Uni