Frank Bruno Xmas

A knockout Christmas greeting from Frank Bruno

From: Frank Bruno, MBE

Terry Xmas

A Christmas message to staff from founding Butler Trust Trustee, Terry Waite

From: Terry Waite, CBE

Trevor B Xmas

A Christmas message to staff from founding Butler Trust Trustee, Trevor Brooking

From: Sir Trevor Brooking

#HiddenHeroes message of support from One of the troops, HMP Guys Marsh

To work with an amazing bunch of misfits who keep smiling as they deal with their own lockdown as well as the men in this weird and new existence, is a damned fine reason to get up in the morning and muck in. The unified staff are utterly amazing and do a job I'm proud to be part of.
From: One of the troops, HMP Guys Marsh

Noddy Holder Xmas

Merry Chriiiiiiiistmassssssss, #HiddenHeroes – from Noddy Holder

From: Noddy Holder

Nicola Adams Xmas

Happy Christmas #HiddenHeroes from double Olympic champion boxer and all round superstar, Nicola Adams OBE

From: Nicola Adams

Bobby George

Thank you and Merry Christmas from darts player, Bobby George

From: Bobby George


I’d like to thank all Belmarsh officers, governors for standing by us, keeping us going. I’d like to really thank you from all the prisoners in Belmarsh, people don’t do it enough but thank you, and God be with you.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Belmarsh

Becky Adlington Xmas

Happy Christmas #HiddenHeroes, from double Olympic champion swimmer, Rebecca Adlington

From: Becky Adlington, OBE

International nurses day

On International Nurses Day:

The nurses in our prisons go above and beyond… Thank you for all you do… – Jo Farrar, HMPPS CEO

Our thanks to our fantastic nurses & other healthcare professionals. You are all superstars! – HMP Bullingdon

A huge thank you to all the nurses who are part of the team here – HMP Pentonville

Big shout out to all the nurses working tirelessly through these difficult times – HMP Garth

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#HiddenHeroes message of support from Justin Russell, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Probation

A massive thanks to all the frontline staff in the probation service and working in local Youth Offending Teams who are working so hard at the moment in very difficult circumstances to check in on the welfare of the many thousands of people you supervise. We salute you!
From: Justin Russell, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Probation

Shirely Ballas Xmas

A Strictly Christmas message from Head Judge, Shirley Ballas

From: Shirley Ballas

Ronnie Armour

I am honoured and humbled to lead the Northern Ireland Prison Service when I see the work Prison staff do in challenging and supporting those placed in our care to change their behaviours. Behind the walls and out of sight Prison Officers work with complex, demanding and often dangerous individuals in an effort to reduce the likelihood of them reoffending and make our community a safer. The professionalism, commitment and dedication of Prison Officers is demonstrated everyday as they keep on working with offenders when everyone else has given up. Prison Officers have always been hidden heroes, but never more so than now as in an unselfish and sacrificial way they face the unprecedented challenges of COVID19. We owe them an enormous debt of gratitude.
From: Ronnie Armour, Director General, NI Prison Service


I just wanna say thank you to all the staff who could be at home with their families now but instead they choose to come in and make sure we get our exercise and facilities, you’re doing a great job so thank you.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Bullingdon

Terry Waite video

“Working in a prison is not easy at the best of times but today the job is made even more difficult. Most people will never see the inside of a prison, but those who know the system recognise how difficult it can be. I would like you to know that your work – and of your colleagues in probation and youth justice – is appreciated.
You are not forgotten.”

From: Terry Waite CBE, Suffolk

The Mount

I’d ike to say thank you to all the NHS workers and all the prison staff. It is hard at times like this. My heart goes out to you all. If it wasn’t for you lot we wouldn’t survive. Thank you so much I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP The Mount


I’d just like to say thanks to all the staff and all the medical staff for coming in and looking after us. They’re coming in, they’ve got their own families, they don’t have to do it but they do. Thank you.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Pentonville


Big thank you to the NHS for helping the public and helping the prisoners. And thank you to the HMP Woodhill staff. Thank you for helping us through this time. It’s going to get better. Heads up chest out. Keep on going. Spread the love.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Woodhill