While we celebrate the heroes in our NHS at this time, donโ€™t forget the #HiddenHeroes working on in prisons, IRCs, probation and youth justice services.

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#HiddenHeroes message of support from Rachel O, HMP Doncaster

Big shoutout to all the amazing staff at HMP Doncaster who have worked so hard during these challenging times + have gone way beyond what is expected in their daily role. Non-ops staff deserve seperate recognition for holding the fort + providing vital services to keep staff fed + watered in the VT!
From: Rachel O, HMP Doncaster

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Anon, HMP Moorland

Big shout out to all the staff doing a cracking job at keeping our prison’s safe during this difficult time. You’re all doing an amazing job and I’m proud of every single one of you! You’ve all shown resilience in the face of adversity and it just shows how much commitment we all share! Well done!!
From: Anon, HMP Moorland

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Lord Ponsonby

I would like to pay tribute to the men and women who continue to serve with distinction in these troubled times. Some of the most vulnerable and dangerous members of our society end up in prison or under the supervision of probation and YOTs. The men and women who supervise and care for these offenders are putting themselves in harmโ€™s way. I am grateful for the work they do and acknowledge the debt that we owe them.

From: Lord Ponsonby of Shulbrede, House of Lords

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Lord Ramsbotham

I am most grateful for this opportunity to pay tribute to all staff working with prisoners, young offenders, immigration detainees, and those under supervision in the community, for all your dedicated work during this difficult period. I know how keen you are to be doing positive things for them, to ready them for life in the community, and can only imagine how frustrating current restrictions on such work must be.

From: Lord Ramsbotham, House of Lords

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Joe, Prison Fellowship UK

Dear HMPS and G4S staff, just to say thank you for your hard work , courage an devotion to your sectors. You are making a big difference to society and the lives of those under your watch in custody. I visit some inmates on an informal basis and they have praised the staff.
From: Joe, Prison Fellowship UK

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Suzanne Butcher, .

It is true, you are the Hidden Heroes.
Keeping prisoners safe while they serve their time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, and we pray you continue to stay safe as you keep us safe.
God Bless each and everyone who works within the prison service.
From: Suzanne Butcher

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Svetlana, Milton Keynes

I would like to thank all prison staff at HMP Woodhill for their dedication and commitment during these difficult times, and particularly for my mum, who has thrown herself into her job, despite the circumstances and has contributed greatly into the safe and secure running of the establishment.
From: Svetlana, Milton Keynes

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Pat Wilton, Peterhead

I want to thank all those working through the pandemic, helping to keep us safe, and to maintain continued security during these difficult times. Knowing that you are all giving the same level of professionalism despite worrying about your own families is commendable.
From: Pat Wilton, Peterhead

Berwyn x1

I’d just like to say thank you to the officers on my wing for doing an excellent job at this difficult time, and to the nurses in Healthcare for putting themselves in danger to look after us. Thank you very much
From: A Prisoner, Berwyn


I’d like to thank all Belmarsh officers, governors for standing by us, keeping us going. I’d like to really thank you from all the prisoners in Belmarsh, people don’t do it enough but thank you, and God be with you.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Belmarsh

Jane Williams

“Thank you to all the hidden heroes – you exemplify the sentiments of Churchill’s 1910 speech, as Home Secretary, to the House of Commons”

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From: Jane Williams, London

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Sue, Kent

My daughter is a Snr Probation Officer in a prison. She puts in many extra hours for the benefit of her team and the prisoners. Prison staff deserve more recognition for the demanding and difficult job they do all the time, but especially now. Well done to all of them.
From: Sue, Kent

#HiddenHeroes message of support from John Guiney, HMP WAYLAND

I wish to thank every one of our colleagues, not only the HMPPS, but the other valuable services across the UK. We all helped get through this and will continue to help each other get through this crisis and the next, all of us should give that extra clap to show us "it is the least we all deserve"
From: John Guiney, HMP Wayland

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Anonymous, NPS Wrexham

To my amazing colleagues in Wrexham and Flint you are doing an incredible job in difficult circumstances. You show your strength resilience and dedication everyday. You make difficult decisions, deal with challenging people, keep the public safe and help to change lives you’re awesome thank you
From: Anonymous, NPS Wrexham

Emily Spademan

Thankful for those prisons who are doing an amazing job to handle this crisis in what has never been an easy environment, and one which is all too frequently forgotten #hiddenheroes
From: Emily S, London

Paul M

Respect to all my former colleagues stay safe behind the wall โ€œunity is strengthโ€

[via @UKPrisonService on FB]

From: Paul M, Liverpool

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Emma, Sittingbourne l

A massive thank you goes to all the staff working tirelessly at hmp Pentonville not only in these testing times but everyday of every year, especially my amazing brother who I miss very much.
Thankyou to all other prison staff around the country as well for all your hard work ๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ
From: Emma, Sittingbourne

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Karen, Retford

Thank you to all the hidden heroes out there. My husband was an officer before an injury at work led to his retirement. You are all doing a very hard job under stressful circumstances at any time not just now. Stay safe and look after each other at work!
From: Karen, Retford

#HiddenHeroes message of support from John Bensted, Bristol

In my 40 years in Probation and Youth Justice I always knew Probation & Prison Staff were unsung heroes, changing lives and giving hope. I now watch from the sidelines, as a Trustee for Shannon Trust, in even more total admiration & respect for your commitment and professionalism . Thank you
From: John Bensted, Bristol

Berwyn x2

Hat off to all members of staff for not forgetting about us in these hard times when they could be with family, many thanks and you are appreciated.
From: A Prisoner, Berwyn

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Officers Partner, Romsey

The mantra stay safe is the new buzz # – Every text, email & message, & goodbye, but I along with many other officers other halfs, have been saying this every day they leave for work! It’s nothing new to us #hiddenheroes #forgottenservice. Stay safe & thank you all for your service x
From: Officers Partner, Romsey

Gail Hydon

I donโ€™t have the words, to really convey the thanks owed to the prison, probation and youth service staff who are genuinely hidden heroes. I am proud and privileged to be part of this organisation and never more so than during these testing times. Thanks to you and your families for what and how you do what you do every day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
From: Gail Hydon, HMPPS

#HiddenHeroes message of support from D.A., HMP Ashfield

Thank you all staff, from those who have made sure we got our canteen, finance, so we can get paid weekly, and to all management and PCOโ€™s who are keeping us safe. I will be banging my door every Thursday, along with everyone else, to show appreciation for all who are working to keep us safe.
[via Inside Time]
From: D.A., HMP Ashfield

Sue Payea

Thank You all, doing an amazing job, all Heroes

[via @UKPrisonService on FB]

From: Sue P

International nurses day

On International Nurses Day:

The nurses in our prisons go above and beyond… Thank you for all you do… – Jo Farrar, HMPPS CEO

Our thanks to our fantastic nurses & other healthcare professionals. You are all superstars! โ€“ HMP Bullingdon

A huge thank you to all the nurses who are part of the team here โ€“ HMP Pentonville

Big shout out to all the nurses working tirelessly through these difficult times โ€“ HMP Garth

Read more…

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Sue OHara Chair, Shannon Trust

Thank you on behalf of the Board of The Shannon Trust to all those #Hiddenheroes in the Prison and Probation Service who have a difficult job at the best of times and who are going above and beyond all our expectations in these difficult times. Thank you so much for all that you do.
From: Sue O’Hara Chair, Shannon Trust

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Bob Lawless, London

To all those involved and especially those front – line workers in running HM Prisons, during this very difficult time. I offer my respect and thanks. It is difficult enough for the local community to deal with the challenges before them. On behalf of the local community. Thank You.
From: Bob Lawless, London

Kim W

Stay safe HMPPS. The work you doing is so, so important

[via @UKPrisonService on FB]

From: Kim W, Stourbridge

Joe Pattinson, Brinsford

Despite peopleโ€™s own anxieties, the care and support I have witnessed has been truly inspirational. Compassion and humility have been in abundance. Brinsfordโ€™s community showing appreciation for key workers with rounds of applause and donations to local Health Trust shows what a truly fantastic group of people you are. To behave like this while living and working in such difficult times is a credit to you all.
From: Joe Pattinson, HoBA Brinsford

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Justin Russell, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Probation

A massive thanks to all the frontline staff in the probation service and working in local Youth Offending Teams who are working so hard at the moment in very difficult circumstances to check in on the welfare of the many thousands of people you supervise. We salute you!
From: Justin Russell, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Probation

Brixton prisoner

A poem by one of the men at HMP Brixton:
“Let’s give thanks to our officers
They feel the pressure too
But still they risk their own lives
To be here for me and you”
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From: Anon, HMP Brixton

Sandra F

Thank you ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’™โค๏ธ

[via @UKPrisonService on FB]

From: Sandra F, Yorks

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Ivy, HMP Ranby

It is without doubt that our staff do one of the most difficult jobs, with little reward and yet with minimal complaint. You stand with courage in the face of adversity most days and for that we applaud you. May you be proud of the work that you do, the person you are and the difference you make.
From: Ivy, HMP Ranby

Elmley x

I know we’re all struggling now, locked up in our cell, I just wanna thank all the staff, all the healthcare system, they’d doing a lot for us right now, risking their own lives, respect to all of them.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Elmley

Jack C, FS

A message from a staff family member at Full Sutton
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From: Jack C, age 11

Jean D


[via @UKPrisonService on FB]

From: Jean D, St Helens

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Neil Thomas, HMP Stocken

I have the honour to work for the staff of HMP Stocken. My team constantly amaze me, they demonstrate the very best that the public services of our country have to offer, courage, teamwork, compassion and determination. Brighter happier days are coming, Im proud of you all. #teamstocken #hiddenheroes
From: Neil Thomas, HMP Stocken

Anonymous prisoner

This is to all you heroes out there working hard, trying to benefit all these people out here that need your help. Keep doing what you’re doing, I think it’s great. I think youโ€™re amazing, god bless you all.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner

Annette S

You are all doing an amazing job under such hard circumstances.x๐Ÿ’•

[via @UKPrisonService on FB]

From: Annette S

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Finola, Chisllehurst

I want to send a huge vote of thanks to to every single person who works within the prison service for their dedicated commitment doing valuable work on our behalf. When I am applauding all those people who work so hard to help us on a Thursday evening, you will be included.
From: Finola, Chisllehurst

Woodhill 2

I’d like to thank all the NHS workers and all the prison officers for all the great work they’re doing in HMP Woodhill and Swaleside. Thank you.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Woodhill

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Joanna Perkins, London

I want to thank all those who work within our prisons.

Key workers, doing amazing work in such challenging times; from the officers, chaplains, maintenance to nursing/mental health & education teams.

I'm looking forward to being back in as Prison Fellowship volunteer.


From: Joanna Perkins, London

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Donna Meade, Cheshire & Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company

As Director of Operations I wanted to thank and profile all of our fabulous staff involved in the delivery of probation services across Cheshire & Greater Manchester . They are Hiddenheroes – whose hard work and dedication to do the right thing and make a difference is truly appreciated and valued!
From: Donna Meade, Cheshire & Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company

Susan F

Thank you to all prison staff

[via @UKPrisonService on FB]

From: Susan F, Leeds

Northumberland 3

I just wanna say a big thanks to all the staff who is working here and making sure that we’re still getting out of our cells on time and having time out on the exercise yard and out in the kiosks – so I just wanna say a big thanks to them.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Northumberland

Ronnie Armour

I am honoured and humbled to lead the Northern Ireland Prison Service when I see the work Prison staff do in challenging and supporting those placed in our care to change their behaviours. Behind the walls and out of sight Prison Officers work with complex, demanding and often dangerous individuals in an effort to reduce the likelihood of them reoffending and make our community a safer. The professionalism, commitment and dedication of Prison Officers is demonstrated everyday as they keep on working with offenders when everyone else has given up. Prison Officers have always been hidden heroes, but never more so than now as in an unselfish and sacrificial way they face the unprecedented challenges of COVID19. We owe them an enormous debt of gratitude.
From: Ronnie Armour, Director General, NI Prison Service

Yvonne S

The forgotten service you are our heroes, please stay safe and well x

[via @UKPrisonService on FB]

From: Yvonne S, Bridgend

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Sean Haley, Sodexo

We have many colleagues in Sodexo delivering essential services – these are our hidden heroes. Our people who work in prisons and probation support local communities by providing critical services and keeping people safe. I am proud of all of them and applaud them for continued support #SodexoProud
From: Sean Haley, Sodexo

Ian Blakeman, Pentonville

There have been numerous times in the last few weeks when I’ve been overcome with emotion and pride at the commitment staff at Pentonville have been making. The courage and selflessness has been astounding at a time when I know many must have been scared both for themselves and loved ones. What has made this more remarkable is the resilience shown in the face of losing much loved colleagues. I am so proud of you and know that if we can do this we can do anything.
From: Ian Blakeman, Governor, HMP Pentonville