While we celebrate the heroes in our NHS at this time, don’t forget the #HiddenHeroes working on in prisons, IRCs, probation and youth justice services.

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Wyn Jones

It’s at times like these, that we truly begin to understand the value of people. Particularly people that put themselves at risk for the greater good. If society ever doubted that working in prison is a vocation, then I’m sure that such thoughts have now been banished forever! Sadly we currently have several colleagues very poorly in hospitals, up and down the country, our prayers and thoughts are with them and their families.
From: Wyn Jones, Serco

Michelle Jarman-Howe

I am beyond proud of how staff in all of our prisons and in the community have responded to C19. Caring, determined and positive, continuing to make a difference to people’s lives even in these difficult times – HMPPS at its best.
From: Michelle Jarman-Howe, Exec. Director, Public Prisons South

Rebecca, Greenwich

I have no idea how you do your jobs – I know I couldn’t. But I am very glad you do. You really are #HiddenHeroes. Thank you!
From: Rebecca, Greenwich


I’d like to leave a message for all the officers that have assisted us at this time, they come to work even though they know the risks and I respect them for that and I thank them.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Bronzefield

Sarah Coccia

I am so proud of all our staff who work very much out of sight from the general public, but day in and day out deliver a professional service that protects the public and cares for the people we hold in custody. We certainly have many hidden heroes and I am humbled every day by the actions, teamwork, bravery, kindness and dedication that I witness. Thank you for all that you do. #hiddenheroes
From: Sarah Coccia, London Prisons Group Director

Northumberland 4

I’d like to put a message of support for all the chapliancy team. They’re working really hard to bring people the books with all the services on and all the people who have different faiths. So a big bigup for the chaplicany team.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Northumberland

Phil Wheatley

Working both with prisoners and offenders in the community is always challenging in a way that is rarely understood by the wider public. The Coronavirus has created a whole new order of risk, particularly for staff working in prisons who cannot avoid some close contact with their prisoners and also with other prison staff. All the staff involved deserve greater public recognition and thanks for continuing to work in these difficult circumstances. Their determination to keep on working ensures the justice system continues to keep the public protected and that prisons are as safe as is possible.
From: Phil Wheatley, London

Dovegate prisoner

From a letter to the Governor of HMP Dovegate from one of the men: “A massive thank you to you all, with the height of respect to you all, we stand to attention and salute you”
From: Anon, HMP Dovegate

Haworth House

Big round of applause for all AP staff who are keeping the show on the road.
Grateful for all key workers during this pandemic.
From: Haworth House AP (via Twitter)

Shirley S

Your all doing an amazing job, great respect for you all. Stay safe everyone ❤xx

[via @UKPrisonService on FB]

From: Shirley S, Hull

Christopher Critchlow

Unlike you who work in prisons, most of hadn’t experienced a lockdown. Now we have. But today lockdown for you is not just at work but also at home and off duty. You are coping magnificently under such unusual stress and your uncomplaining performance of your duties is to be commended. May you all keep well.
From: Christopher Critchlow


A little message for the hidden heroes in the jail, yeah man well done to you. That’s it really.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Brinsford

Tim Gurrey

Staff across HMPPS have risen to the challenge, utilising all the skills at their disposal, at this difficult time. They may sometimes be forgotten, but they are keyworkers and #HiddenHeroes.
From: Tim Gurrey, Ambassador for Prison Officers

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Aidy J, HMP Full Sutton

Very proud of staff within HMPPS doing so much to keep so many safe during this crisis. The work that staff are doing on a day to day basis, despite the risk to themselves and their families, is remarkable and a true testament to their commitment and professionalism. They are truly #HiddenHeroes
From: Aidy J, HMP Full Sutton

Humber x

Thank you to the staff at HMP Humber, I appreciate everything they’re doing for us, I wanna thank the lads for their co-operation and basically thank the NHS, they’re doing a brilliant job, we couldn’t do this without them.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Humber

Elaine Bevan

It’s about time all these people were recognised for what they do everyday. Thank you for The Prison Service 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
[on Facebook]
From: Elaine Bevan, Bridgend


Can you put a shoutout to all the nurses and officers, thank you for all your health and support for keeping us in routine. If they weren’t doing their work it would have been worse.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Styal

Louise Falshaw

The work that probation, youth and prison staff do in the public’s name and to its benefit often gets overlooked. It’s now more important than ever that we recognise these exceptional people in trying to keep us and others safe, especially during this difficult time. The messages on this website say it all. Let’s make sure they don’t get forgotten again.
From: Louise Falshaw, London

James Timpson

Thank you to all our prison and probation officers who are working so hard to help prisoners and their families at the moment. Their kindness and dedication is always appreciated, but never more so than now.
From: James Timpson (via Twitter)

Claire Hubb

Huge shout out to our prison officers, governors, chaplains and all workers in the prison system working to keep residents and the public safe. Thank you to all key workers 👏🏽👏🏿👏🏼. Keep safe.
#justiceheroes #HiddenHeroes
From: @Claire_Hubb (via Twitter)

Bullingdon x

Just to say thanks to the prison staff, they probably saved me from death, they’re one in a million, we’re thinking of them, hard time. Thanks.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Bullingdon

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Glen Garcia, london

As an ex officer I understand how difficult the job is at the best of times, so I can only say how proud I am of all my ex-colleagues working in this time of uncertainty. Prisons have always been the forgotten service and prison officers the forgotten heroes of the criminal justice system. Heroes.
From: Glen Garcia, london


I would just like to say a big thank you to all the staff at HMP Wealstun that are keeping us safe day in, day out, coming into work as keyworkers and making sure we get out of our cells for daily exercise and a shower.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Wealstun

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Alison Liebling, Prisons Research Centre, Cambridge

Many thoughts, warmest wishes, and thanks, to all of those on the front line who are coping with an unprecedented situation, full of risk. You are not forgotten. All of us who know prisons have some grasp of what you are dealing with. Like our NHS staff, you are saving and protecting lives. Heroic.
From: Alison Liebling, Prisons Research Centre, Cambridge

Brian Davies

As a retired PO my respect to all the staff working so valiantly behind the walls at this critical time. Stay safe and well.
[on Facebook]
From: Brian Davies, Market Weighton

Lorraine Johnstone

“Your job is so tough even in the best of times. I can only imagine what it’s like now. Thank you for all that you do.” [via LinkedIn]
From: Lorraine Johnstone, Strathclyde Uni

Northumberland 1

Thank you to all the staff and nurses working on houseblock 3, thank you for the support on bang up and giving us private cash £5 so we can keep in touch with families and thank you very much.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Northumberland

Durham x

Big shoutout to staff and a big shoutout to all the NHS workers
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Durham

Seb, Nottingham

Hats off to all the brave prison officers out there – thanks for helping keep us safe. Stay safe too!
From: Seb, Nottingham

Notts x

Shoutout to everyone in HMP Nottingham, all the healthcare team and the staff during this lockdown – shoulder to shoulder
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Nottingham

#HiddenHeroes message of support from Sarah, Surrey

I am so proud to work alongside some of the most resilient people ever!! I want to thank all the staff at HMP Coldingley for the all the laughs and commitment through these difficult times. No matter what we face, we do it together!! Thank you, you make work that bit easier #Ateam
From: Sarah, Surrey

Susan R

You are all stars and heroes. Thank you xx

[via @UKPrisonService on FB]

From: Susan R

New Futures Network

Thank you to all our #HiddenHeroes working in prison and probation services, and for everything you continue to do to support the people in your care, especially during such a unique, testing time.
From: @NewFutrsNet (via Twitter)

Highfield AP

Thank you to our #HiddenHeroes @Highfield_AP & all APs @hmpps staff this weekend & always! Protecting the public & Making a difference! I am always proud of you! #WereAllInThisTogether
From: @JennaFurnessNPS (via Twitter)

Shelley, Surrey

Well done and thank you to prison and probation staff for everything you’re doing at this difficult time. You are all stars! ⭐⭐
From: Shelley, Surrey

Brixton x

I wanna appreciate all the NHS workers that’s here. I wanna appreciate all the officers that’s working, all the staff that could be at home with their families. We know that they don’t have to be here, but they are. God bless them.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Brixton

Linda Wiley

Respect for you all every one of you xx

[via @UKPrisonService on FB]

From: Linda W, Portsmouth


Thank you to everyone working in the youth justice system for everything you’re doing to keep children and communities safe during this time #JusticeHeroes #HiddenHeroes
From: Youth Justice Board (on Twitter)

Swaleside x

Massive massive thank you for every NHS worker in HMP Swaleside looking after all of us, you are the beating heart of this prison. Thank you for waking up, coming to work and looking after us all, you really do deserve the best in life.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Swaleside

Kim Harris

💯respect for our prison service !

[via @UKPrisonService on FB]

From: Kim H, Pontypool

Andy KD

I’m applauding all our brave prison governors, officers, OSGs, chaplains and other key workers in the prison system who are working to keep prisoners and the public safe. Thank you. Keep safe. #justiceheroes #HiddenHeroes
From: @AndyKeenDowns (via Twitter)

Caleb from Croydon

A huge THANK YOU to the brilliant people working in prisons right now to keep everyone safe, you’re doing an amazing job!

From: Caleb, Croydon

Bullingdon Care UK

Shout out to our amazing healthcare partners – CareUk! Keeping our prison community safe with care, treatment, expert advice, hard work and support. Children from a local nursery created this beautiful artwork to show their support #Hiddenheroes
From: HMP Bullingdon (on Twitter)

Helen-Paul Cato

We often take these services for granted, and don’t show our appreciation, so thank you for all that you do to keep us safe. Best wishes to you all x [on Facebook]
From: Helen-Paul Cato, Bucks


I would like to give a shoutout to all the NHs staff that are working in our prisons to keep us fit and healthy, they’d doing a fantastic job and they deserve praise – they go out of their way to make sure everyone is fit and well. Thank you to NHS inside and outside.
[via National Prison Radio]
From: A Prisoner, HMP Hindley

Cat Cain

Respect for all of you, stay safe.💙💙👍👍👍

[via @UKPrisonService on FB]

From: Cat C

Dawn Jessop

My deepest respect goes to our teams working this weekend in all areas of healthcare and the prisons. A tough job at the best of times, but right now they are going above and beyond in every way. Thank you
@careuk #COVIDー19 #heroes #prisons #Nurses
From: @Jessop_Dawn (via Twitter)

Nick Wood

“Dedicated people doing amazing work mostly out of sight but not out of mind to many of us” [via LinkedIn]
From: Nick Wood